Meet Creative Director & Agency Partner: AUBREY MAYO / by Stacy Scarsella

When we hear Aubrey Mayo our minds automatically think how does she do it? She's always on the move with her hands full; from her personal motorcycle aspirations to developing her artists, she’s always involved in something amazing. A ten-year veteran in the stylist game, Aubrey’s career took a complete shift when she became Creative Director for Esperos Bags, which sparked a passion in her, allowing her creative branding talent to grow. She’s now Partner and Creative Director for SEAMINX. Aubrey has an important role in opening doors for the talent of tomorrow while creating the brand today. We were lucky to speak with her and get a glimpse into the world of Aubrey Mayo, Creative Director.

what does your day to day look like?

stylist:  Ja  ne Black

stylist: Jane Black

Every day is different and this is the best part of my job! But, most days start with emails, responding to requests for talent or reaching out to clients letting them now who is available. Much of my time is spent building new client relationships so I travel often. A few days a week I am having face time with brands, publicists, celebrities, musicians, producers, photographers and directors all in hopes to educate them on our services and find ways for us to partner together. When I am not traveling I am working with our designer on marketing materials and the SEAMINX website. Then there is the research.... Hours spent on LinkedIn and other social media sites finding out who is working with whom and how we can best market our artists to the clients we wish to be booking with. 

hair/ makeup:  Pepper Pastor

hair/ makeup: Pepper Pastor

hair/makeup:  Susie Jasper

hair/makeup: Susie Jasper


We currently have 17 stylists and hair and makeup artists along with a gaggle of assistants and pa's. We do have some exciting new talent that will be a part of our fall rebranding and can not wait to share more as we get into the summer. Our artists reside in LA, SF, Dallas, Austin, Madison and NYC. We work in and book local to all of those cities as well. 

prop stylist:  Patrick Muller

prop stylist: Patrick Muller

hair/makeup:  Ro Vielma

hair/makeup: Ro Vielma


The clients change weekly but some of our most loyal and regular clients include: Mary Kay, JCP, Neiman Marcus, Belk, Dillards, Lands' End, Target, Pier 1, Container Store, J.Hilburn, Lolio Rugs, World Market, Standard Furniture, Earthbound Trading, Kohl's, Amazon and Nordstrom.


The first thing we assess is what the current market is looking for. Are we being asked for prop stylists or wardrobe stylists or makeup artists... from there we look through portfolios that have been submitted and pick the top two we think show potential and are most marketable. Then we interview and look for personality fit. There are a lot of very very talented artists in our industry but we really try to represent those with a strong work ethic, easy going personality, a willingness to be flexible and someone who is just plain kind that we are never afraid to have representing the agency and more importantly we are confident to send to our clients. 

stylist:  Mimi Le-   Patrick Beverley for Mountain Dew

stylist: Mimi Le- Patrick Beverley for Mountain Dew

What makes an artist successful?

I find that the artists that are most successful have a natural eye in their trade, have an ability to work with many personality types, understand the value of the relationship we build with our clients and are responsible. I grew up in a creative household and have always worked in the Arts, the one thing I know for certain is there are many talented artists in the world but there are few who are organized, composed, keep up with their financials, and can use both the left and right side of their brains. This is a business and the artist should see it as that. 


As the photo industry evolves we are looking for ways to become more flexible and offer some of the services that are now in demand. Our roster of talent is growing and we have some exciting things coming end of summer. 

Do you have business partners and what does that relationship look like?

seaminx ladies:  Aubrey, Elaine, Sunni

seaminx ladies: Aubrey, Elaine, Sunni

Yes! Sunni and Elaine started SEAMINX 16 years ago. I am the newest member to the team. We all share in the duties of promoting our artists but they focus more on managing bookings, negotiating rates, maintaining each artists schedule weekly, all things accounting and are the ultimate "other mothers". We all live in different cities and discuss daily goals and bookings in the works.


     stylist:   Maria Gamez-   Emily Ratajkowski


 stylist: Maria Gamez- Emily Ratajkowski

What was a pivotal moment for your career?

Before joining SEAMINX as a CD I was a fashion stylist for 10 years. Sunni and Elaine were my mother agents in Texas most of that time but I was also represented by The Wall Group in NYC and did a year stint at Kohl's in Milwaukee. Probably the most pivotal moment was my last move to Austin from NYC in 2015. I left freelance styling to become CD of ESPEROS. That career change is what inspired me to want to brand, promote and develop SEAMINX. The photo industry has changed so much since the early 2000's and I felt like there was a real opportunity to do something different on the agency side. 

What are some other things you enjoy when you aren’t working?

My 2016 resolution was to buy a motorcycle and that has been a really big source of fun this year. Aside from enjoying the Texas sunsets, I love games and spend as much time as I can playing cards, doing crosswords and when I really nerd out with my brothers.

austin way magazine:  Aubrey, Stacy, Jane

austin way magazine: Aubrey, Stacy, Jane

What does #createmoments mean to you?

#createmoments mean we all have to work and we should be so lucky that we get to work in an industry where we are in the business of creating images and reels that have the opportunity to say something unique. 

What is one thing your fans may not know about you?

I can be quite lazy and as much as I socialize I actually require a lot of time alone to recharge. 


Check out Aubrey & Seaminx in action:

Instagram: @aubreylmayo @seaminxartistmgmt 

Facebook: Aubrey Mayo