Tania Quintanilla is all things beauty, art and fashion. This talented photographer finds the allurement in something and captures it. Born in Mexico and raised in San Antonio, TX, Tania began her career as the high school newspaper photographer. After graduation, she traveled to the west coast, to master her craft and earn a degree in Photography from the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. From there she opened her first studio in Miami and began shooting editorial fashion and advertising. Now in Austin, TX Tania's obsession with 'big hair' and her stellar lighting skills make her one sought after women! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to feature her on the Plaid Pony Blog and share some of her fabulous secrets. She is a total rockstar with a killer personality to match! 


Tell us about your art anD how you got involved wiTH photography.

I am a fashion and beauty photographer.  I shoot mostly advertising with a strong concentration on beauty.  My work is vivid and colorful. 

What was a pivotal moment for your photography career? 

I always had a camera.  I think I asked my mom for my first camera in elementary school. While some of my friends were playing pretend with dolls, I would dress up friends and have faux fashion shoots.  I got really into photography in High School when I noticed my crush carried around a camera so I thought he took photography classes.  When I finally signed up for photography I realized he was in year book.  Ha.  My photography teacher took interest in me though and encouraged me to go to photography school after I graduated.  I eventually followed his advice after first graduating with a degree in BioChem.   

What has been your FAVORITE set to work on? Why? 

I think one of my favorite set has been out at a Texas ranch where we shot on one of those perfect fall Texas days, with a big open sky.  We spent the entire day shooting around the ranch and stables until sunset where we ended with mini ponies. Texas can really be so beautiful.  My team had so much fun that day.  


What is one of your proudest moments in your career? 

Some of my proudest moments have been involved with the NAHA Awards.  I work for weeks every year with the best hairdressers in the industry to showcase new and innovative hair.  The photos are highly stylized beauty, and its really a lot of work.  When my clients win the top award in their industry it is really validating.  


What are some other things you enjoy when you aren't shooting? 

When I am not shooting I paint, I do ceramics, I love all water sports.  I love to travel to scuba and my husband is a big PHISH fan. ;) So we go to a lot of jam band concerts.  

what is your favorite part about being on set?

My favorite part about being on set is the collaboration.  I’m a textbook extrovert so I feed on the energy.   I always have a very strong idea of what I want to shoot and how I’m going to problem solve, but like a captain of a ship, I go with the flow.  ha.  No but really, I love to see what the team brings.  Im addicted to working with talented people.  I learn from everyone.  It keeps me young and flexible.  The best shoots are the ones where everyone feels in sync and like they are contributing something to the project.  

what does #createmoments mean to you? 

#creatmoments means be present with all your senses and tell that story.  In a really great photo, you can almost feel the wind through the picture. 

What are you currently working on?

Currently I have been shooting for Kendra Scott Jewelry and starting to get ready for my NAHA season.  I am also busy painting for an art show colab in November at SHDW Studios.  In between shoots I have been collaborating with my agency TROVE to photograph and feature some very special women in a project called “Ladies to the Front".  Check it out at Trove Blog.


What is one thing your fans may not know about you? 

Something my fans may not know about me.. hmm.  I’m obsessed with religious iconography and relics, I also love to read religious fiction.  I also love vampire novels.  Is that TMI?

what advice can you provide for future photographers:

Some advice for future photographers… I would say just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  One step at a time, and before you know it you will be where you always dreamed of being.  Also, know your worth.  Its important for your future and the future of photography that you don’t lower the value of a great photographer.  

Check out Tania in action:Tania Quintanilla