Meet Fashion Stylist: Jane Black / by Stacy Scarsella

Jane Black is EVERYTHING; an amazing stylist, a wonderful mother of 3, a yogi, and extremely humble. Like seriously, how does she do it? A 20-year veteran in the fashion industry, Jane has worked in all areas of the styling world. From television to print, Jane has never shied away from a challenge. Her electric personality lights up any set she’s on and her styling versatility makes every project she’s apart of come to life! We know Jane very well here at Plaid Pony and we’re thrilled to share her light with our readers.

what was a pivotal moment in your career?

There have been many, but probably when I got my first large ad campaign for L’Oreal.  I styled Eva Longoria for the L’oreal Difficile mascara commercial and it was a 100 crew set at Universal Studios. I remember thinking….All my hard work over the years has brought me here.  It was a real pinch me moment.   

photographer: Martin Rusch

photographer: Martin Rusch

    What has been your favorite set to work on? why?


    My favorite set is when I get to work with friends in the industry.  Wether it be a photographer that I have known for years or catching up with a makeup artist.  When you get to be create and work on a project that you are all excited about it just feels like the holy grail of styling.  I love being creative with others and getting excited when you bring out clothes.  That moment when everyone and everything just clicks….its very fulfilling. 

    what was your proudest moment in your career?

    Editorial for me is the most fun but in some ways its the most challenging.  I styled a ten page Spring fashion spread and it took me 5 days to pull all the looks.  I showed up a little nervous, but the whole crew and photographer loved everything I pulled.  The model and location was perfect.  When I got the images back I gasped.  It was all just so beautiful!!  My agent called me with so much excitement in her voice.  My portfolio changed a lot with that one shoot and other jobs just came rolling in .  

    Gap AD: photographer- Cheyenne Ellis 

    Gap AD: photographer- Cheyenne Ellis 

    what are some things you enjoy when you aren't shooting?

    About ten years ago I went through a stressful move and I started to doing Yoga.  It really changed my life.  I try and get my practice in as much as I can.  I also love to run.  oh and I’m a mamma to three young rascals that keep my on my toes all the time.  

    photographer: Marcy Maloy

    photographer: Marcy Maloy

    what is your favorite part about being on set?

    The collaboration of working with such talented and creative people.  Each shoot is so different which keeps things exciting and interesting.  I love connecting with producers, creative directors, hair/makeup artist and photographers.  I thrive on creative settings and being on set feeds my creative soul

    photographer: Claudia Goetzelmann

    photographer: Claudia Goetzelmann

    what does #createmoments mean to you?

    Its about creating a story, an idea.  I want people to see the images I style and be inspired.  Whatever that means…it could be to get out there and do something they normally wouldn’t or take a risk.  Images can be so powerful!

    What is one thing your fans may not know about you?

    That I am my toughest critic.  I’m constantly second guessing myself and my work. In some ways its good because it keeps me growing and learning.  Sometimes I need to be nicer to myself though!

    what advice can you provide future stylists?

    work  work work.  I”m always impressed by the assistants who show and are just eager to learn.  Assisting is very important.  Research a stylists work that you love and reach out to the.  Tell them you will work for free to show them how much you want to learn.  Its key to learning the business.  

    Check out Jane in action: 


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