Isabella Rose Taylor is fashion's newest "IT" girl. A title she has earned with ease. Not only is she a brilliant designer, she's also a genius. She finished high school at age 11! Isabella realized her talent at an early age and now the world is taking notice. From the pages of top magazines like Elle, Forbes and Teen Vogue to numerous television appearances, everyone is lining up to give this young designer the credit she deserves. There is a simplistic chicness that runs through her ready to wear collection it's no wonder she was was able to partner with DELL to show her pieces at NYFW. This girl is on fire, and we're so pleased to share her light with you this week. 

Tell us about your art and how you got involved with designing. 

I came into fashion rather organically.  I had been painting for several years before I learned to sew.  Creating something from 2D to 3D through fashion changed my perspective because I saw it as a way to share art in everyday life in a different way.  It was also another way for me to push and expand myself through creating. It’s like suddenly being able to speak another language, and being able to go to those countries where that language is spoken. Now your world is bigger. You can do more. What is really more amazing for me is that I didn’t transition from one passion to another. To me both worlds are really intertwined in my daily life.

What was a pivotal moment for your design career?

I’ve had a few really amazing moments, but one day, walking down the street in Los Angeles, I saw someone wearing one of my pieces. There was something really special in that for me.

What has been your favorite set to work on? Why?

Like on tv? I’ve been lucky to have been on a few tv shows, from business serious ones, to others that were more fun. For me, being on the Steve Harvey show was incredibly fun because I didn’t know what to expect and he’s reactions were very funny. I couldn’t help but laugh at all the things he was saying. For example, when I told him I was in college (I think I was 12 or 13 then), he threw coffee on the floor! And told his assistant to get him something stronger.

What is one of your proudest moments in your career? 

I think every designer dreams of having a NYFW runway so I feel that is my greatest success to date.  It was the most amazing experience of my life and something that I will never forget!

What are some other things you enjoy when you aren’t shooting or designing?

I really enjoy baking, traveling, and Pilates.

What is your favorite part about being on set or at a show?

I’m not sure that I necessarily enjoy making appearances on TV shows. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great honor that people are interested in me and my story, but I’m usually promoting something I’m doing, like being on NY Fashion Week, or launching at Nordstrom. It’s kind of my job to do that. What I do enjoy is putting on a runway show. The collection has already been designed, and a runway show is how I tell the story. Choosing the models, the hair and makeup, the music is how it all comes together.

What does #createmoments mean to you?

 My current collection has the theme of “blank canvas”. That’s how my paintings begin. The final painting is a collection of choices and moments.

What is one thing your fans may not know about you?

I am terrible at spelling and my handwriting is quite atrocious despite my ability to draw fairly well. 

What advice can you provide for future designers? 

I think my generation is very creative. My advice to anyone would be to find her passion and to pursue that passion as soon as possible.

Check out Isabella in action:


Instagram: @irtthebrand

Twitter: @isabellartaylor