Roger Neve is a Dutchman who loves a good game of soccer, playing Cards Against Humanity and a well cooked meal. Did we mention he is an astonishing photographer? A superstar in fact. He discovered his talent at a very young age and was shooting for COSMO before he could legally drink in the United States! With a portfolio as diverse as his well traveled personality, it is no wonder his career literally keeps getting better. Roger has shot all over the world including inside the eye of a hurricane! His lens has captured many celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker and Antonio Banderas and he has shot for a range of fashion clients ranging from Elle, to Neiman Marcus, Talbots, and Marshalls to Champion. The list goes on and on from high fashion to kids to beauty and now directing... All in a days work for Mr. Neve! We here at Plaid Pony are ecstatic to share what motivates and inspires such a man...

Tell us about your art and how you got involved with photography.

I always had a passion for photography - at 15 I went to work in a photo store and, asked them to pay me in cameras. I was always shooting every chance I got. Remember, film and processing was expensive if you were making a few nickels a week. 

What was a pivotal moment for your photography career?

When I flew to the US for the first time at age 19 and convinced COSMO to work with me on a fashion spread. They booked me right then and there I knew I was on my way to a professional career. I submitted published work in lieu of my final exam since I was in New York shooting at the time of the test. 

What has been your favorite set to work on? Why? 

Probably a GQ shoot I did with Antonio Banderas. It was all these fantastic oversized whimsical cutouts and he was just amazing to shoot. 

What is one of your proudest moments in your career?

Landing that first COSMO shoot and a cover of German Elle with Helena Christiansen.

What are some other things you enjoy when you aren't shooting?

Watching and sometimes playing soccer; Just being at home with my family and having a nice home cooked meal! 

What is your favorite part about being on set?

That each day is unique and different from the next. Even if I work with the same crew, no two days are alike. I meet many interesting people and sometimes my set is on a boat, tropical island, or even in the eye of a hurricane! 

What does #createmoments mean to you?

It's funny you asked that! I had recently been asked to shoot a fine portrait. I created this perfectly quiet moment of a girl laying in a sculpture of a shell, dipping into the water, at a mansion, that just captures that sentiment perfectly. 

What is one thing your fans may not know about you?

I love to travel and I love my job. I don't think I will ever retire! 

What advice can you provide for future photographers?

Keep pushing forward and follow your dreams. I knocked down doors when I first started to get people to see me. Then, people actually had to pick up their phone and be in the office. Now it's all email so it's a lot harder but yet you have vehicles like Instagram that can make you a success overnight if you catch the right eye. If you love what you do and believe in yourself - success is yours!

Check out Roger in action:

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