Meet Creative Powerhouse: Yino Wang / by Stacy Scarsella

We could not think of a better a better way to start this week off than with Yino Wang, Assistant Creative Director and super mom. As an ACD Yino is responsible for guiding a brand’s look, feel and concept as well as directing photo shoots, collaborating with her internal team and client, and managing a team of Art Directors and Designers. No need to go back and reread, Yino. Does. It. All. Yino is a go-getter and we couldn’t help but feel motivated after a getting a brief glimpse into her career beginnings and the passion that still motivates her today. 

photographer: Dan Martensen | prop stylist: Jan Appleton

photographer: Dan Martensen | prop stylist: Jan Appleton

What is your story and how did you end up in this creative role? 

I majored in Advertising at Boston University and, upon graduation, I set my goal to become an Art Director at Arnold Worldwide, a top agency in Boston (might as well aim high, right?). So I found a temp job covering sick time for receptionists there. Some may think that's not very glamorous but I certainly thought it was; I was thrilled to get my foot in the door. It gave me the chance to get to know people and for them to get to know me. From there, I was able to work my way into the Studio and up into the Creative Department. 

photographer: Coliena Rentmeester | fashion stylist: Kellan Archuleta | model: Bella Thorne

photographer: Coliena Rentmeester | fashion stylist: Kellan Archuleta | model: Bella Thorne

What was a Pivotal moment in your career? 

I would say instead of one pivotal moment, there were many pivotal "people" in my career. There have been so many generous mentors that took a chance on me and helped guide my way to the next stepping stone. 

photographer: Frederic Pinet

photographer: Frederic Pinet

What has been your favorite set to work on? 

That's a hard one but I would say our Mohave Desert/Palm Springs shoot was a definite highlight. We had the opportunity to shoot at the legendary Roy's Motel & Cafe on Route 66 and work with talented photographer Coliena Rentmeester. The energy on that shoot was phenomenal, the light was unbeatable. 

photographer: Coliena Rentmeester | fashion stylist: Kellan Archuleta

photographer: Coliena Rentmeester | fashion stylist: Kellan Archuleta

What has been your proudest moment? 

When, after 10+ rounds of feedback, the work is still beautiful, on strategy and effective. 

What is something you enjoy when you aren't working?

Being mom to my two boys, boxing, eating and learning how to solder to make jewelry. 

What is your favorite part of being on set? 

The energy and excitement, for sure, especially on the first day. A shoot brings together a group of people from different backgrounds who are all equally passionate about their craft, each bringing their own unique creative energy. When it just gels and you get a "dream team," it's magical. 

What does #createmoments mean to you?

To me it's about perspective, being able to see the beauty in small moments of our lives and appreciating them.

What is one thing your fans may not know about you?

I secretly want to run the obstacle course on American Ninja Warrior. 

What advice can you provide to future ACDs?

Remember to be a mentor. You become an ACD based on your merits and your talent. But learning to see potential and offering guidance to others is a huge part of being any manager. There were key people who were instrumental in my career and that definitely has impacted how I view my role today and how important I feel it is to help grow others. 

Check out Yino in action: 



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